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DSCF9028DSCF9021Be prepared to have a fun day in Lovell this Saturday, August 15th while supporting two local institutions!

The day starts at 9 am with the 40th Annual Lovell Arts and Artisans at the New Suncook School on Route 5. Every exhibitor's wares are reviewed by a jury so the quality of the merchandise is high. A number of new artisans will be at the show this year joining returning favorites from previous fairs. Be sure to enjoy some wonderful homemade lunches and desserts, the popular used book sale and don't forget to enter the raffle for a chance to win one of ten prizes donated by the artists. Admission is free and the event is held rain or shine! All proceeds benefit the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library.

After a swim in the lake and a quick nap, satisfy your hunger with a delicious Chicken BBQ meal at the Center Lovell Fire House. From 4-7, the Fire Department will be serving barbecued chicken, fresh corn on the cob, salads, watermelon and ice cream! Enjoy your meal inside or outside or take it to go. A great bargain for only $9. Stop in and support the Lovell Volunteer Fire Department!

2015 Tour de Lovell Pictures



All Photos Courtesy of Wayne Rivet, "The Bridgton News"


  1. Matt Rogers on

    Hi, thanks for putting up the pictures! As I told somebody at the finish, for a lot of us it's the only glory we get. That said, I'm the guy midpack in the first couple of pictures wearing the bones jersey...are there perhaps any more with me in them, crossing the finish line maybe (I was in a group with several other riders at the finish)? I'd really appreciate seeing more if they exist. Thanks! It was a great day, keep up the good work.

    2015 Tour de Lovell

    tour de lovell logoGreat day for today's Bike Race! Pictures will follow early next week.


    2015 Tour de Lovell - OVERALL RESULTS
    1 157 Nathan Kenison-Marvin Male 20-35 Tuftonboro, NH 53:05.3 1
    2 168 Frank O'Reilly Male 36-45 Pearl River, NY 53:25.3 1
    3 142 Christopher Darling Male 36-45 Lovell, ME 53:41.8 2
    4 134 Ben Finch Male 20-35 Newton, MA 53:53.9 2
    5 156 Jason Howes Male 36-45 Naples, ME 53:56.0 3
    6 155 Matt Burke Male 20-35 South Paris, ME 53:57.1 3
    7 133 Eric Darling Male 36-45 Shelburne, VT 57:58.2 4
    8 159 Sean Mohan Male 36-45 Moultonboro, NH 58:35.6 5
    9 148 Thad LaVallee Male 36-45 Sharon, MA 59:10.6 6
    10 127 Ethan Keyes Male 36-45 Manchester, ME 59:11.5 7
    11 111 Ryan Gibbons Male 36-45 Leominster, MA 59:12.9 8
    12 125 Parker Normann Male 46-55 Fairfax Station, VA 59:14.5 1
    13 154 Nick Burke Male 20-35 Portland, ME 59:22.4 4
    14 132 Henry Finch Male 66+ Waban, MA 1:00:36.4 1
    15 161 Edward Pond Male 46-55 Sweden, ME 1:00:37.2 2
    16 151 Steven Discordia Male 36-45 North Conway, NH 1:00:37.4 9
    17 124 Richard John Male 56-65 Wolfeboro, NH 1:00:43.0 1
    18 130 Tom Wentworth Male 56-65 Bethel, ME 1:03:01.3 2
    19 108 William Buick Male 56-65 New Haven, CT 1:03:02.3 3
    20 123 Matthew Rogers Male 46-55 South Berwick, ME 1:03:03.1 3
    21 149 Erik Martin Male 20-35 Naples, ME 1:03:03.8 5
    22 118 Mary Jo Caselena Female 50+ Bedford, PA 1:03:04.3 1
    23 119 Joseph Caselena Male 46-55 Bedford, PA 1:03:06.5 4
    24 153 Chris Roy Male 36-45 Bridgton, ME 1:04:00.8 10
    25 167 Jeff Hershberger Male 36-45 Greenwood, ME 1:06:08.3 11
    26 135 Drew Kissinger Male 36-45 Carlisle, MA 1:06:11.4 12
    27 117 Jonathan Carpenter Male 56-65 Yarmouth Port, MA 1:06:26.6 4
    28 105 Mark Lush Male 56-65 Ossipee, NH 1:06:50.3 5
    29 145 Martin Feeney Male 46-55 Medway, MA 1:06:53.9 5
    30 131 Walter Grzyb Male 46-55 Lovell, ME 1:07:12.9 6
    31 137 Eric Malinowski Male 36-45 Waterford, ME 1:08:14.3 13
    32 166 Chris Comrack Male 36-45 Washington, DC 1:08:18.2 14
    33 120 Peter Bell Male 56-65 Waterford, ME 1:09:17.6 6
    34 106 Stephen Simmerman Male 36-45 Somerville, MA 1:10:09.9 15
    35 141 Christopher Burk Male 36-45 Denmark, ME 1:10:34.1 16
    36 140 Kevin O'Rourke Male 36-45 Upton, MA 1:10:42.5 17
    37 139 Jan Newhouse Male 56-65 Lovell, ME 1:11:55.8 7
    38 144 Derrek Schlottmann Male 46-55 Lovell, ME 1:11:56.0 7
    39 163 Andrew Chakoumakos Male 46-55 Lovell, ME 1:12:51.8 8
    40 136 Keith Dehner Male 46-55 Little Egg Harbor, NJ 1:13:09.9 9
    41 128 Mark Simpson Male 56-65 Farmington, ME 1:13:32.6 8
    42 162 Scott Berglund Male 46-55 Stoneham, ME 1:14:55.3 10
    43 103 Mark Huston Male 56-65 Jamaica Plain, MA 1:14:58.4 9
    44 158 Brent Legere Male 20-35 Lovell, ME 1:18:48.0 6
    45 113 Dana Flanders Male 56-65 Houston, TX 1:19:06.8 10
    46 110 Dale Lougee Male 66+ Athol, MA 1:19:12.1 2
    47 126 Jose Mendoza Male 20-35 Miami, FL 1:19:35.8 7
    48 122 Michael McGowan Male 20-35 Naples, ME 1:19:37.9 8
    49 109 Wilford Scott Male 56-65 Annapolis, MD 1:20:58.0 11
    50 116 Kathryn Carpenter Female 50+ Yarmouth Port, MA 1:20:59.5 2
    51 146 David Powers Touring 50-59 Lovell, ME 1:21:09.2 1
    52 121 Diane Caracciolo Female 50+ Lovell, ME 1:23:25.4 3
    53 170 Edward Poliquin Male 66+ Lovell, ME 1:23:33.1 3
    54 107 Andrew Norkin Male 46-55 Denmark, ME 1:24:07.8 11
    55 115 Katelyn Shorey Female 29- Sweden, ME 1:24:17.1 1
    56 104 Nancy Stockford Female 50+ Jamaica Plain, MA 1:24:29.7 4
    57 160 Bob Mallon Male 66+ Fryeburg, ME 1:26:50.1 4
    58 129 Gary Prince Male 66+ Stratham, NH 1:28:08.5 5
    59 165 Leo Dunn Male 56-65 Lovell, ME 1:28:45.9 12
    60 112 Jaimie Crawford Female 29- Fryeburg, ME 1:29:44.8 2
    61 114 Nancy Flanders Female 50+ Houston, TX 1:29:54.1 5
    62 169 Tyler Blood Male 14- Stratham, ME 1:31:25.1 1
    63 171 Kim Poliquin Female 40-49 Boston, MA 1:32:14.9 1
    64 143 Hilary Jones Female 50+ Lovell, ME 1:33:21.8 6
    65 164 Betsy Alden Touring 60+ Lovell, ME 1:40:57.6 1
    66 152 George Vooris Touring 50-59 Naples, ME 1:52:19.2 2
    138 Elsa Newhouse Female 50+ Lovell, ME DNF

    2015 Lovell Old Home Days 5k Run and Parade

    Thanks to the many hardy people who woke to pouring rain but still came out to enjoy the 5k run, the parade and fun at the Athletic Field. Fred and Ruth Mitchell were the perfect Grand Marshals. Every year the parade gets better and bigger with outstanding floats and enthusiastic participants. Way to go Lovell!

    2015 Lovell 5k Race Summary     2015 Lovell 5k Overall Results

    2015 Lovell 5k Age Group Awards

    2015 Lovell 5k Age Group Results

    Except where noted otherwise, all photos by Michael Dana.

    2015 Lovell OHD Dana2015 Lovell OHD Dana 22015 Lovell OHD Dana 32015 Lovell OHD Dana 42015 Lovell OHD Dana 112015 Lovell OHD Dana 52015 Lovell OHD Dana 62015 Lovell OHD Dana 82015 Lovell OHD Dana 92015 Lovell OHD Dana 10

    5k Winners Emily Carty & Silas Eastman. Photo by Pam Bliss
    5k Winners Emily Carty & Silas Eastman. Photo by Pam Bliss


    2015 Lovell Old Home Days & Fred Mitchell's 90th Birthday!
















    2015 5k T-Shirt Design by Phoebe Crowe

    In my official capacity as Race Director, I never get to observe the parade that the 5k runners lead to the Athletic Field. Based on the various photos that I saw and the positive comments that were received, last year's parade was one of the best. Lots of floats, marchers, music and large crowds in the Village and by the Athletic Field. This year, it seems that we might have even more people participating in the parade!

    The weekend gets started on Friday afternoon at the Athletic Field with the Kezar Trailbreakers Annual Turkey and Pig Roast. The dinner runs between 5:30 and 7:30 but be sure to get there early to be sure before they run out! Packet pick-up for the 5k run starts at 4:30 at the gazebo.

    On Saturday,  a Hearty Breakfast served by the Masons at the Masonic Hall at 7 am starts the day while at 9:45 the 5k run begins with the parade kicking in as the last runner pasts the Wicked Good Store. Everyone ends up at the Athletic Field where there are lots of games for kids, food booths, craft vendors, the Lovell Volunteer Fire Department, an Antique Boat Show and the Blue Willow Band at the gazebo. Plus Cow Chip Bingo at Noon!

    This year's Grand Marshalls are Fred and Ruth Mitchell of North Lovell. Click here for the program.

    Join the fun this Saturday! Best viewing spot is anywhere on Main Street down by the Library and up Rt. 93 by the VFW Hall.

    2015 Lovell Old Home Days 5k Run




    July 18th is the date for the 11th Annual Lovell Old Home Days 5k Run. With the help of Steve Pullan, Fryeburg Academy art teacher, a contest is held each year to draw the winning design for the race’s t-shirt. And every year, the students come through with tremendous drawings, making for a tough selection process. As part of the competition, students are asked to incorporate the themes of Lovell and running into their artwork.

    This year’s winner is Phoebe Crowe, a Lovell resident who is finishing her junior year at the Academy. She enjoys graphic design and will be taking some pre-college courses this summer at the Maine College of Art.

    In the first few years of the design competition, I always hesitated to ask for a change here or there. I didn’t want to insult the artist but Mr. Pullan said that it was important for the student to have some real-world experiences where a client rarely is satisfied with the first or second submission. We asked Phoebe to make some minor adjustments to her original design and she did them well. Last year, Phoebe’s design came in second place and I am sure she was disappointed but she displayed a level of determination by trying again. Tenacity pays off!

    So thanks to Phoebe, this year’s 5k run t-shirt will continue the tradition of having a unique and quality design. Not only does she see her drawing on t-shirts around town but she earned the $100 prize!

    Remember, only the first 100 registrants are guaranteed a t-shirt! Click here to register on-line. Paper registrations, as well as previous race records, can be downloaded at

    New Driving Range at the Old Saco Inn



    It was just a few years ago that Pete and Sandi purchased the Old Saco Inn in Fryeburg, just past the Lovell town line on Route 5. It wasn't long before a small sign was added to the large one at the main entrance. It simply said: "Pub Open, Fri & Sat 4 pm".  Since then, the cozy pub and dining room have become a very popular place and if you plan on going for dinner, you need to make your reservations online! It's always a treat to watch Pete behind the bar on a busy night as he seems to remember not only everyone's name but their favorite drink.

    One of the newest additions to the Inn is an outdoor Golf Driving Range. What better place to practice your swing than on the wide open field where views of the western mountains are peeking through the trees. This Sunday, June 7th, Brad Littlefield, President of the Lake Kezar Country Club will ceremoniously hit the Range's first ball at 10:15 am. And on this day only, enjoy a free bucket of balls as well as Burgers and Hot Dogs.

    The Range will be open every Wednesday through Sunday from 10 - 6 with a bucket of balls costing $13. And it is my understanding that arrangements could be made with Lake Kezar Country Club for lessons.

    Come on down to the Inn, hit a few balls and enjoy your favorite beverage in the Pub! But please, please, don't hit Pete while he is out scooping the balls.


    Memorial Day Ceremony













    Memorial Day ceremonies take place around the country, in both large cities and small towns. It is important that the community pause, reflect and honor the men and women who died while serving in the United States military.

    Both young and old gathered at the memorial in Lovell Village at 11 am. The size of the crowd that attends is always a pleasant surprise. The Fryeburg-Lovell VFW conducts the ceremony with Joe Moody saying an opening prayer, the Ladies Auxiliary laying a wreath, there is a rifle salute followed by the playing of taps by two Fryeburg Academy students.

    Lovell resident John McCann gave brief remarks and then introduced his daughter Kit, who told a very poignant story about a United States Army combat medic who lost his life in Afghanistan, his father and a young woman that the father met by chance while hiking the Appalachian Trail. The woman accepted an incredible responsibility and then endured intense pain and bad weather to fulfill the father's wishes. Please read the story of Zachary Shanafelt, Patrick Shanafelt and Nectar here: 'Community'.


    Chuck Nossick

    Whitewater rafting

    Whitewater rafting on the Youghiogheny River.

    Whitewater rafting on the Youghiogheny River.

    As everyone who reads KezarLife knows, I spent a good chunk of my life living and working in Baltimore. During that time I had the great fortune of getting to know some wonderful people. Time and distance tend to eliminate most of them but there are always a few people where the relationship strengthens, even without regular contact. Just a random reading or observation may trigger a pleasant reminder of an old friend.

    While working in the mortgage industry in the early 90's, I met Chuck Nossick. We worked for the same company but in different offices and over time we became friends. I took pleasure in convincing him that there was value in visiting downtown Baltimore and having lunch at the Lexington or Cross Street Markets. He returned the favor by inviting me to play golf with him regularly even though my game didn't warrant it.

    In Maryland, college lacrosse is as big as professional baseball. Going to sporting events with Chuck, whether it be the Terps or the Orioles, was always exciting. It wasn't a big deal to travel to Philadelphia to see Maryland play Temple on a Sunday afternoon or to Charlottesville to see the Terps play UVA on a Saturday night.

    There was a two-year period when Rondi, Ben and Anna had already moved to Lovell and I was still shuttling back and forth while we tried to sell the house. Chuck and his wife Kathleen were always generous with dinner invitations at their Severna Park house.

    In March 2000, Chuck's close childhood friend purchased the Baltimore Ravens. Chuck then set out to orchestrate the classiest tailgate party for each home game. On the Ravens' march to the Super Bowl that season, Chuck and I flew out to Oakland for the championship game. And while our son Ben was stationed in Afghanistan, Chuck made sure to give me all the detailed game programs and media handouts which I shipped to Ben on a regular basis. To someone sitting alone in a strange and hostile desert, it was a welcomed touch of home.

    It's never good news when my friend David Jones calls me early in the morning, as he did this past Wednesday. Bad news he said. A drunk driver ran a red light and Chuck was the unfortunate victim as he was driving home from work. I still cannot shake the deep numbness.

    Chuck was an extremely special person to me and I know, countless others. I feel blessed to have had him as a friend. I truly hope that that each of you are equally blessed to have a 'Chuck Nossick' in your life.

    From the Annapolis Capital Gazette:

    Friends and family gather to remember crash victim Charles 'Chuck' Nossick.


    1. Paula Hughes on

      I am so sorry for your loss Stan. How wonderful that you had someone like Chuck in your life.
      • Jonesy on

        I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was in the boat behind you guys with Rivers, Modeski and another person who I am blanking on right now...maybe John Blatchley. It poured rain that night and my tent was floating.
        • Kathleen Colleran on

          Dear Stan... Your kind note brings tears to my eyes. He loved you and your family so much, as do I. Yes, he was such a special person. Full of love and kindness,, always giving and caring about his dear friends. I am blessed to have met you thru him and I hope we can remain friends. Plz tell Rondey , Anna and Ben I send my love. Kathleen

          Lovell Hardware Store Is Open!

          The Lovell Hardware Store is now officially open! I stopped in this morning to get a brush for some staining that needs to be done and was surprised at how active the store was at that early hour.  You will find that the store is bright, the floors are new and the shelves are still being stocked. If you can't find what you need, talk to Hank, the store manager, and he will make every effort to have it stocked.

          OPENING SPECIAL! This weekend, Beth Armington welcomes the new store to the neighborhood. So, be sure to save your receipt as the Homestead Scoop will give you a 10% discount on any food purchase.




          1. Paula Hughes on

            We went to the hardware store today too. We actually bought something. GREAT to have it back.
            • Carina on

              I have never heard of your lovely town until I found out about the Center Lovell Inn contest. I live in the Orlando, Fl area and I am sure you can imagine how very different Lovell is from my town (not to mention it is 90s degrees here today). Each of your posts make me smile and I hope to win the contest but if I don't, I will need to visit. Until then, I will live vicariously thru your writing. Your community looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!
              • Bill Weber on

                Congrats this is a huge positive for Lovel and we expect to support it as we can Bill and Kate weber. BW
                • kezarlife on

                  Good Luck!
                  • dan on

                    Wow My folks used to own Kezar Lake Camping Area, good to see business coming back, now all you need to do is get rid of Stephen King ..LOL
                    • Frederic Sater on

                      best wishes with your new venture. I cannot wait to do some shopping! No more long distance driving for what you need.