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Shop Local -- Shop Lovell


Thanksgiving came early this year and so did the snow (and the snow kept coming and coming!) That equates to extra time for shopping. Normally, that means making trips to the mall in South Portland or to the outlets in Freeport, Kittery or North Conway.

To make your 2018 holiday season more enjoyable, my suggestion is to shop local. We often overlook all of the wonderful merchants, artists and non-profits that we have living in and around Lovell. Not only will the recipient be pleased but by buying local, you will be supporting our local economy.

Here are some ideas:

* Lots to choose from at the Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell. Custom designed earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and much more. Inside their large gallery is a wide variety of American-made art work (much of it local) that will brighten every home. Bill and Lynda can be reached at 207-925-6502. Visit their website here.

* You need to check out all the great things that Brent Legere is creating at the Lovell Box Company. The list of products continues to grow but still includes the wonderful, one-of-a kind boxes and crates (perfect for wine, beer, storage, produce, etc.) made from pine on the family land. Have an idea for a custom design, Brent would be happy to make something from your own specs. Check out his Facebook page here or call him at 207-432-2900.

* How about taking that old couch with the ragged threads to HEIRLOOM UP for some updated upholstery? How about some custom throw pillows to add some style to your existing furniture? Visit Martha Livingston's shop at 222 Main Street in Lovell Village. She can help you with design and fabric choices and then do a fantastic job of bringing your favorite chair or couch back to life. Is your pontoon boat looking tired? Martha can help spruce it up with new seat covers! Call her at 207-595-1539.

* Find a great selection of lumber, paint, nuts and bolts, mulch, wood pellets, pet and horse feed, propane, garden supplies and much more at the Lovell Hardware Store at 411 Main Street. If they don't have it, they will order it for you! Wouldn't your talented home carpenter friend appreciate a gift certificate?  Call 925-9053 for hours.

* Can't find a friendlier family than the Wards from Stow! Justin and Jenn's 'Off the Grid' Fly Away Farm is now firmly established in Lovell and the surrounding area. It may not be the best time of year for fresh produce but there is a great selection of handmade jewelry, bags, t-shirts and don't forget the delicious eggs, pork, honey and maple syrup. Visit their website here or give them a call at 466-7352.

* Karl's Auto Repair is located at 118 Cushman Pond Road in Lovell. Get rid of that winter grime inside and out for your special person's car with an auto detailing package from Karl. Call for more information at 928-3132 or visit Karl's Facebook page here.

* Hilltop Handspun, located in North Lovell, is owned and operated by fiber artist and designer, Lucy Rogers. Lucy enjoys creating and selling had-made yarn to hand knitters and fiber and roving to hand spinners and felters. The yarn and spinning fibers are made from alpaca mohair, wool and angora fleeces that she hand selects from Maine and New England fiber farms. Many of her designer yarns are hand spun and a number are spun at a local mini-mill on a fleece by fleece basis. Beautiful colors in the yarns, which are inspired by the local mountain environment, come to life during the hand dyeing process in Lucy's kitchen. Here is a link to her webpage where you will find yarn and kits for sale.

* Pietree Orchard. Located on top of Waterford Road in Sweden, this Orchard is a great place to shop for local produce, pies, flowers, doughnuts, jams and outstanding pizza! The 'Pick-Your-Own' season is over but there is lots to choose from in the store including some fashionable hats and shirts. Plus they are great contributors to our local community. Visit for more detailed information. 647-9419.

* How about a Gift Certificate to some local eating establishments?

1) Rosie's Lovell Village Store. What better place to eat the counter and catch up on local activities. Stop in or call Rosie at 925-1255.

2) The Center Lovell Market. Open on a year-round basis for great food, coffee, a bottle of wine, gasoline and some sharp looking hats and shirts. Great pizzas! 925-1051.

3) The Stow Corner Store. An original menu, great portions, a very warm environment and a local institution to boot! Checkout their Facebook page here for updates on specials and hours. Don't miss the award-winning chili and seafood chowder! Worth a visit for that alone. 697-2255.

4) The Wicked Good Store. Be sure to try out some great food at the new store in town! 925-9087. Visit their Facebook page here.

5) AJ's Everything Store at 409 Maine Street in Stoneham. A small convenience store upfront and a nice restaurant out back. Great food at great prices! Plus, music with a variety of local bands on the weekends. Visit their Facebook page here. 928-2454

6) The Old Saco Inn. It does not matter what season it is, the Old Saco is the place to go for great food and drinks in a fairy-tale setting on the banks of the Old Saco River. A new and expanded menu and dining hours and plenty of private rooms for an extended stay. Good access to the snowmobile trails. Visit their website here. 925-3737

7) Ebenezer's Pub. Who would ever think that America's Best Beer Bar in here in Lovell. On the second green of the Lake Kezar Country Club, the pub also has easy snowmobile access to their front door during the winter. Visit their Facebook page here. Hours vary according to the season so be sure to call first. 925-3200.

Still can't figure out what to give to someone who has everything? How about a gift in their name to some of our local organizations? The Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, Lewis Dana Hill Memorial Library, Lovell Historical Society, Brick Church for the Performing Arts, Greater Lovell Land Trust, Kezar Lake Watershed Association, Sweden Food Pantry, Lovell's United Church of Christ, Sunshine Backpack Food Program, or Lovell Friends Helping Friends (winter fuel assistance for the needy)!

Please let me know any omissions or additions to this list.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All!


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    Lovell Bowls and Brews Winners

    Our three judges--Mark Moulton, Ethel Hurst and Bob Drew

    Sunshine Backpak for Kids Information

    Sunshine Backpack for Kids Program

    Lovell's First Annual Bowls and Brews took place on Saturday, November 10th. By every measure, it was a roaring success. More than $1,500 was raised for the MSAD 72 Sunshine Backpack Food Program. About 80 people came to the Lovell VFW Hall to enjoy 15 chilis and sample a variety of craft beers.

    Enthusiasm was high on both sides of the tables as people walked around trying to decide which chili was their favorite. And in between their samples, they were able to enjoy small portions of craft beer. Two top awards, aprons decorated by New Suncook School art students, were given to the first-place winners of the 'Judges Choice' and the 'Peoples Choice'.

    Here are the Results:

    Judges Choice --

    1. Diane Caracciolo
    2. TIE, Al & Irene Whittemore and the Appalachian Mountain Club
    3. Jean Hunter

    Peoples Choice --

    1. Diane Caracciolo
    2. Rosie's Lovell Village Store
    3. John Hendrickson, the Old Saco Inn

    Best Decorated Table -- Robert Jackson's Action Chili

    The $1,500 raised will go a very long way in helping the hungry children in MSAD 72. For more information about this program and how you might be able to help, please visit their Facebook page here.

    A special big thank you to the following: The VFW Hall for the use of their hall, Paula Hughes for working hard to secure the local and state liquor licenses, Chris Hughes for securing beer, our three judges, Mark Moulton, Ethel Hurst and Bob Drew as well as Jeanne Bonner for organizing the judging process.

    Be ready for next year's Bowls & Brews where there will be a greater selection of craft beers to sample and a new chowder division!

    Lovell Bowls and Brews

    For those that remember, Lovell's Chili Challenge always was a popular event. Not only did it attract local chefs entering their 'special' recipe, people came from all over to taste a variety of very good chili. And to top it all off, significant funds were raised for the Fuel Fund.

    Every year, however, there were a number of people who would suggest that a beer tasting would be the perfect compliment to the chili. As in many parts of New England, there has been a wonderful explosion of local craft breweries. Why not take the opportunity to showcase them!

    So, this November 10th, we will have Lovell's First Annual BOWLS & BREWS. It will be at the VFW Hall on Smart's Hill Road from 2-5 pm. This year's charity will be MSAD 72’s Sunshine Backpack Food Program which sends weekend food home to children in need in the three elementary schools within the District. All proceeds will be donated to the Program. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

    As before, there will be two categories, Judges' Favorites and People's Choice. A special prize will also be awarded to the Best Decorated Table and the always popular Bake Sale table will be full of goodies!

    Whether you would like to cook or taste, be sure to come to the VFW Hall on November 10th. Please note that the event is now on a Saturday so you won't have to worry about whether the Patriots are winning or losing. 

    Click here for an application form. For more information, please contact either Stan Tupaj at 207-925-1500/ or Paula Hughes at 207-925-6846/ And a special thank you goes to Paula for her effort on soliciting the breweries and doing the necessary liquor license paperwork with the town and state.


    Lovell's Local Health Officer

    Prior to receiving a recent phone call, I was completely unaware of the important role that the Local Health Officer plays in the rural communities throughout Maine. Every year, I see the position listed under Town Officers in the Annual Report but never gave it much thought.

    Lovell resident Lucinda (Lucy) Rogers called me recently to let me know about an incident that may have been prevented if she had been made aware of it. I asked Lucy to provide me with a summary of the incident as well as the role of the Local Health Officer.

    "Hello, I'm Lucy Rogers, your Local Health Officer. On Saturday, September 15th, I received a call from the local Animal Control Officer who made me aware of a home in Lovell that really surprised me and appalled me. A neighbor of ours was living in squalid conditions. He is no longer there, thankfully, and he is being cared for by his family in Massachusetts. His two cats are being cared for at the animal shelter in Fryeburg.

    From speaking with a few people in town, it became clear to me that many folks are unaware of this service. Here is some information about Local Health Officers. Every town has one. If you know of a situation that is unhealthy or unsafe, please call the town office (207-925-6272) or me.

    Click here for more detailed information:

    Thanks, Lucy Rogers"

    In our small towns, we tend to respect our neighbor's privacy and rightly so but we should also make an effort to be aware of someone who might need help; especially if they are elderly and live alone.

    Please note that the Maine site lists three Lovell names as Local Health Officers but that currently, only Lucy Rogers is serving as one.



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    The Story of Severance Lodge

    The story of Lovell in the 20th century cannot be told without a considerable amount of attention paid to Severance Lodge. Located on the eastern shore of Kezar Lake's Middle Bay, Severance Lodge has majestic views up and down the lake as well as the White Mountains to the west. Over the decades, Severance Lodge served as an introduction to the region for many guests with some deciding to have a primary or second home in Lovell.

    Carol Severance Taylor's new book, Woodsmoke, The Story of Severance Lodge, tells the historic development of the Lodge with wonderful pictures and stories from her father, Harold. Looking at a Rate Schedule from the 1950's, you have to wonder how the family was able to treat the guests with such luxury on a daily rate of $13-16 per person!

    My father-in-law, Al Stearns, worked as a waiter in his teen years and his favorite Severance story is about the time he received a canvas canoe as a tip rather than cash from a Lodge customer. He didn't appreciate it then but he now treasures the canoe. Severance Lodge served as an employment center for many of the local youth. By no means was it cushy job. Harold Severance and his management team had high expectations and you didn't last long if you didn't perform. Strong life lessons!

    Carol grew up in Lovell at the Lodge and attended the Fryeburg Academy. She and her husband Hal still have a home in Lovell and are active members of the community. This book is a perfect addition to your library. In addition, Carol is donating proceeds to Camp Susan Curtis in Stoneham.

    Woodsmoke is available for purchase for $20 at the Lovell Historical Society, the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, Kezar Realty, Bridgton Books and White Birch Bookstore. Or contact Carol at


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    2018 Lovell Old Home Days 5k Run

    Be sure to sign up for the 14th Annual Lovell Old Home Days 5k Run this Saturday,  July 21st! As always, it is a fun and fast course down Route 5 and ending at Lovell Athletic Field. This year a second water table will be on the course, just past the VFW on Smarts Hill Road. Great prizes and t-shirts to the first 100 registered runners.

    Visit for more details.


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      2018 Lovell Old Home Days

      2018 Lovell Old Home Days T-Shirt Design by Fryeburg Academy Student Grace Marshall

      2018 Parade Grand Marshals Jon and Pam Bliss

      Bios Here

      Be sure to be around Lovell this weekend. Lots of exciting events taking place all around town starting on Thursday and continuing through Sunday. The big event, of course, is the parade and 5k run on Saturday morning starting at 9:45 am on Route 5. See the list of events below:


      • Don & Cindy Roy (2018 National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Winners) at the Brick Church for the Performing Arts. Christian Hill, Lovell. 7:00 pm. $10 per ticket. Click here to visit web site


      • 3 pm. Harvest Gold Gallery Artist Reception and Open House. Free to the public. Click here to visit Harvest Gold's web site
      • 4:30-6:30 5k Race Registration & Packet Pick-Up Lovell Athletic Field.
      • 5:00 Pm Burgers, Hot Dogs and Music under the tent. Proceeds benefit the Lovell Old Home Days Program.


      • 7 am. Hearty Breakfast at the Masonic Hall in Village
      • 9 am. Parade Entries Gather at the Wicked Good
      • 9:45 am. Run Begins!!!
      • 10 am. Parade Begins!!!
      • 11 am OLD HOME ACTIVITIES at the Lovell Athletic Field. The Jerry Hobson Band at the Gazebo
      • 2 pm. Children's Theater Camp Performance at the Brick Church



      Maine Vacation Rentals and the Importance of Service

      It wasn’t too long ago that, when travelling to a big city like Boston, New York or Washington, you would take a licensed cab from the airport to your hotel.  Or, when leaving a restaurant, you would go curbside to hail a passing cab.

      However, with the advent of mobile technology, travel patterns have changed dramatically. Pull up your UBER or LYFT app on your phone and you will soon have a choice of drivers offering their car to take you to your destination. And people sure do like the service of Air B n B where you have choices of renting houses, condo units or rooms directly from the owners, with prices somewhat cheaper than a hotel of large part of their appeal.

      On the surface, this all seems very attractive. However, many communities are having issues with the short-term rentals. Problems such as too many occupants, loud parties with the renters showing no respect for the neighborhood. And from the renters’ perspective, there are stories of renter’s not finding the residence as advertised or not being told that they need to bring a supply of their own linens.

      Which leads me to the following:

      Since Kezar Realty opened in 2009, we have offered Vacation Rentals in Lovell and surrounding towns. In addition to listing and selling property, Broker Jeanne Bonner manages our Vacation Rentals. Jeanne has been matching vacationers with the perfect Maine cottage for more than 25 years.

      In January 2018, Down East Magazine published an article “Home Advantage” that highlighted the positive resources that many local Vacation Rental Agencies in Maine provide, such as handling bookings, greeting incoming renters, coordinating Saturday morning cleaning, making sure the trash was taken to the transfer station and not left at the cottage, replacing misplaced/lost keys and much more. Kezar Realty is a member of the Vacation Rental Professionals of Maine, a group of about 30 Maine Vacation Rental companies and provides support and lobbying efforts on behalf of the industry.

      An important element of renters arriving in Lovell is that they have a friendly place greeting them when they arrive and are provided with a packet of information about their cottage as well as local merchants and recreational activities. And if they need something during the week, they know that Jeanne is just a phone call away.

      As we inch closer to the summer season, be sure to contact Jeanne for assistance on vacation rentals. And remember, you will be pleased that the personal touch is still considered important here at Kezar Realty. And that includes having extensive local knowledge as well as caring that you have a great experience.

      Technology is great and we all benefit from the tools that it provides but hopefully it will never eliminate the Jeanne Bonners of the world.