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Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership Explained


How to Enjoy All of the Amenities of a Second Home at a Fraction of the Cost

What is Fractional Ownership?

First and foremost, Fractional Ownership is not a "time-share." With a time share, units typically are smaller and availability is limited to one or two weeks per year. Direct and deeded ownership is not always provided.

Fractional Ownership, however, provides people the opportunity to own a vacation home at a significant lower purchase price and lower with reduced annual maintenance costs. Each owner's share of the expenses is in direct proportion to their ownership percentage. And, like any other property ownership, deeds can be passed from one generation to the next.

The ideal structure for a Fractional Ownership in Lovell is to have a maximum of four "shares". This permits each owner to enjoy all four seasons. Recorded rights provide the structure for the distribution of the occupancy by each owner. In addition, all owners participate in decisions related to maintenance and general rules. Each family will have access to a secure, locked area for the storage of their personal property.

History of Fractional Ownership

Expensive real estate in the Colorado ski resorts were the spark for fractional ownership in the United States. Wholly-owned second homes were unaffordable for most vacationers. Resorts developed where people could buy property for a set period of time each year. From there, the concept of fractional ownership spread to other ski resorts and to popular beaches in Florida as well as many golf-oriented communities.

Both the history and character of Lovell provide the perfect setting for fractional ownership. For more than 100 years, vacationers have been coming to Lovell and the surrounding western Maine region to enjoy the lakes and the mountains in all four seasons. Prime properties on the water or in the woods with mountain views have always been priced too high for many families who enjoy Lovell.

Please review the table below. Links are included which provide more detailed information regarding Fractional Ownership.



Time Share

Number of Owners

Typically 2-6, in this case 4 is the max.

As many as 52.


Larger private homes, more amenities and better finishes.

Usually hotel suites or condos. Properties often degrade over time from higher user traffic.

Pride of Ownership

YES - owners visit the property more frequently and stay longer. .. a greater stake in how the property looks and feels.

NO - little emotional connection from using one week a year.

Buyer Treated As

Property owner.

Repeat hotel guests.


YES - higher quality construction and finishes, coupled with more resources for maintenance and management, and fewer users, tends to keep the property looking good and operating smoothly

Less likely ...lower initial quality, often inadequate maintenance and management, and higher user traffic.

What You Own

Part of the property title/deed.

Fractional owners can sell whenever they see fit and will prosper from the capital growth of their investment.

Own units of "time."

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