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Blog :: 01-2013

January 2013

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2013 January Temp

Most of the country has been experiencing a cold snap and it got pretty cold here earlier this week. Our house had a -7 reading one morning while a number of people at Rosie's said they had a low of -12. Either number, with the wind blowing hard, meant it was wicked cold outside. The good news is that I will now feel safe going onto Kezar Lake to walk with the dogs or go for a ski.

The Lovell Lions is sponsoring a two-day Ice Fishing Contest on Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th. The 4th Annual Derby uses all lakes and ponds over 100 acres in Oxford County with a weigh-in at 4pm each day at the North Lovell Grange Hall. Lots of prizes for heaviest fish plus additional raffles prizes. Entry fee is $10. Click here for more information.

On the home sales front, 2012 finished strong with a busy December. Sales increased 11.84% from December 2012 to December 2011 with the median sales price increasing 6.25% to $170,000. For the 2012 calendar year, Maine REALTORS sold a total of 11,521 homes, a jump of 1,684 homes with the median sales price increasing 3.03%! Click here for complete details. With two January 2013 settlements already in the books and one scheduled for early February, Kezar Realty is optimistic and ready for the upcoming year.

Not only is WordPress a great platform for blogs and websites, but the company provides access to great stats as to how many people are viewing your posts, what they are reading and just how did they come to KezarLife. Here is a summary of KezarLife's 2012 activity:

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 16 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


  1. Jim Rowe on

    Stan, good news about the real estate market showing signs of life. Hope 2013 will be a good one for you and your business!

    Vacation Rentals

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    Who would imagine, that when a nice snow is coming down and football conference championship games are about to be played, that the phones are busy with summer vacation rental inquiries and bookings? The number of visits to has spiked dramatically over the past 40-60 days. As they begin planning for their 2013 summer vacation, many of the visitors are looking at the Vacation Rental listings.

    Since Kezar Realty opened 3 1/2 years ago, both our sales and vacation rentals have continued to grow. Jeanne Bonner, our Vacation Rental manager, says that in 2012 Kezar Realty booked a total of 75 weeks whereas in 2010 we booked only 33 weeks. And the number of owners with cabins available for rent continues to grow. So there is a cabin for every family size and budget!

    Please don't hesitate to contact Jeanne with Vacation Rental questions. She can be reached at 207-925-1500 or


    1. Beth Quinlan on

      Love both pictures. Feels like home when I can look at the snowy, rather generic one and know exactly where it is.
      • Stanley Tupaj on

        And it is nice to get some fresh snow to 'whiten' things up!

        A Look Back and A Look Forward

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        Over the past four to five years, nothing in the housing market has resembled "normal". Foreclosures and short sales seemingly were everywhere, prices were dropping fast while potential buyers were not confident of their future employment. Uncertainty was everywhere and adding to the local market problems, vacation homes were not a major priority for many people. No question, it was a dark time.

        Little more than a year ago, we started to see some small changes. For the first half of 2012, the majority of my business was related to year-round,first-time homebuyers. That, to me, was a major sign of hope as it indicated that they were confident of retaining their jobs. This segment of the market had been absent for a very long time. It also suggested that buyers sensed prices were hitting bottom (why buy now if the house will be worth less in four months?). And many sellers listened to offers as they grudgingly acknowledged that prices were not bouncing back to pre-collapse levels. A sense of optimism returned!

        This trend continued through the summer and fall as we had a number of Kezar Lake transactions. The activity was welcomed, especially since there were few waterfront sales during the previous three summers. Some of the camps sold were on the market for multiple seasons which indicates that buyers were ready this year but not in previous years.

        As we enter 2013, will this slow and steady trend continue? Despite the uncertainty of the shameful budget shenanigans occurring in Washington, most signs point in that direction. The number of jobs keeps expanding, interest rates remain low and prices don't appear to be snapping upwards. Visits to our website,, have increased significantly over the past twelve months. November year-to-year sales for the state of Maine jumped up 23.6 percent while the median sales price increased 1.92 percent to $172,250 (Maine Real Estate Information Systems).

        We are heading in a positive direction and while it appears that we might have a balanced playing field it is still a buyer's market. However, if sellers price a home properly, chances are that it will be shown often and attract potential buyers.

        Whether you are a buyer or a seller, please do not hesitate to call Kezar Realty (207-925-1500) with any questions. We would be happy to help. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


        1. Jim Rowe on