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Blog :: 04-2015

Baltimore City

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natty bohIt is always tough to see something that you love be destroyed. I don't know why I followed the Baltimore Colts when I was young. Especially since I grew up in North Jersey. Maybe I was influenced by the numerous books written about John Unitas and the greatest game ever played that I read from cover to cover.

It was August of 1984 when Rondi and I got married, moved to Hollins Street in West Baltimore and I started graduate school. We lived in a neighborhood that some would call the Urban Frontier. It was also the historic dividing line between white Baltimore and black Baltimore. Everyone coexisted but there was a complete separation of color in regards to where one lived and socialized.

No question that the police in Baltimore have a very difficult job. For many decades drugs have been a major problem and the crime and other social ills associated with drug addiction led to a significant reduction in population (both white and black). What was left where large areas of abandoned homes, poor schools and a lack of jobs. The police do become frustrated because very often just hours after they arrest someone, that person is back on the street engaged in illegal activity.

But sometimes, the police do go overboard physically when making arrests. I have seen it first hand and it is not comfortable to watch and you begin to understand some of the frustration that the Baltimore residents have been expressing. However, being destructive is not an answer. In neighborhoods that have not recovered from the riots following the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., the rioters were destroying their own employment and shopping centers.

It is painful to see the city, where we lived for 20 years and our two children were born, to take such a major step backwards. So many areas of the city have been transformed from the decaying industrial city that it was to a high-tech employment center. Large sections of the city have seen new housing developments and people moving back. I now wonder how many people and businesses will consider investing in the city.

The city leaders, police and the residents have a long uphill battle in restoring confidence in each other and moving forward together. I wish them well.

Lovell Fire Department Roast Beef Supper

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IMG_21272015 LVFD Roast Beef Supper 616

This Saturday evening, April 25th, the Lovell Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting a Roast Beef Dinner from 4-7 pm at the Center Lovell Station at the foot of Hatch Hill. Fill your dinner plate with roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, salad and rolls. And wonderful homemade desserts will be available for an after-dinner treat.

All proceeds from the dinner will be shared by the Scholarship and Equipment Funds. The scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors who are related to a department member. In addition, 'Money in the Boot' will benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society and there will be a separate raffle for Golf Bag.

Be certain to come out this Saturday for an enjoyable evening!

Lovell Hardware Store

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IMG_2126I think that now we can say that spring has arrived. Small patches of snow may remain on the ground but the daffodils are pushing through the dirt, there is activity at the Kezar Lake Marina, boats on trailers are parked around town, soft-serve ice cream is flowing at Beth's Homestead Scoop, the spring sport teams are out running and throwing the balls around and the ice on the lake is beginning to recede.

For past few months, there has been a lot of activity at the Lovell Hardware Store. Crystal and Robbie Drew have purchased the long-vacant property, are doing extensive renovations (see pictures below) and will be reopening sometime in early May. Yes, once again we will have a place to buy all of the big and small items we need around the house. No more quick trips to North Conway, Fryeburg or Bridgton for a part! Grain and feed will also be available.

Lovell and all of the surrounding towns are looking forward to the opening!



  1. Bob Patterson on

    Every Lovell resident of and visitor to the hardware store is part of what we do to support the local economy, catch up on the latest town news and experience what it means to shop local.
    • kezarlife on

      I don't know about the yoga but a workout place would be great!
      • Jim Bast on

        Wonderful News!! The Hardware Store will be a renewed asset to our Town.
        • France's Pyott on

          Good luck to the Lovell Hardware in Maine I know Michael and Paula Prevost are excited about it.
          • kezarlife on

            Yes it will!
            • David Cullinan on

              I love to hear this!!
              • midlifeinmaine on

                Hooray! I will be so happy to do business there!
                • kezarlife on

                  It would be great if everyone could make an effort to buy things there on a regular basis!
                  • J. Talbot on

                    Happy to learn that the Lumberyard will open again. Am wondering if Yoga in the upstairs will return too? Or better yet Yoga and some workout equipment?

                    MSAD 72

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                    New Suncook School, Lovell

                    In a stunning reversal, the MSAD 72 school board announced it has abandoned the decision to rebuild the Snow School in Fryeburg. Instead, it was determined that the existing New Suncook School in Lovell, with a modest expansion of its facility, provided the most cost-efficient option for the large school district.

                    During the long and contentious discussion regarding the financing of a new elementary school, citizens of several towns felt excluded from the school board's decisions. After the declaration was finalized, a determined group of people continued their planning and research in the evenings at Norris Bennett's Sweden garage. Lobbying of elected officials at all levels and in Augusta was pursued until Governor Paul LePage, fresh from his reelection in November, gave his full support to the effort.

                    By expanding Lovell's New Suncook facility to accommodate the Snow School student population, MSAD 72 will realize a significant cost savings. In fact, the total budget for the project is expected to be about half of the original estimate. The Maine Department of Education confirmed that this reduction changes the formula and will permit all seven towns, including Fryeburg, to share in the costs of construction. Engineering plans are being finalized and it is expected that the new school will be ready for the students in time for the 2017 academic year.


                    HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! :)



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