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Blog :: 08-2013

2013 New England Patriots Schedule Calendar

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The final preseason games are underway and the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens open the NFL schedule against the Denver Broncos next Thursday, September 5th. The 2013 New England Patriots schedule magnet is now available and in the mail. Drop me a note at to let me know if you would like one.

Wouldn't back-to-back Super Bowl victories be nice?

Lovell Village Building Update

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I think it is safe to say that most people, including myself, believed that there would be a large vacant lot in the Village for an extended period of time. But John P. Smith of Sweden, the new owner of the land and the developer of the two-unit commercial building, saw an opportunity.

Rapid progress is being made on the new structure and if this pace continues, a mid-October occupancy is possible. It has been fun watching as the building was framed and the roof trusses went up. Kezar Realty will be occupying the unit closer to Christian Hill Road and although I am grateful for our temporary space, it will be nice to have more 'elbow room'.

I will be posting new interior and exterior pictures periodically as we approach completion. In the meantime, if you know of anyone interested in leasing some brand new space, don't hesitate to call!


  1. Wil on

    Stan and Rondi,I'm sending some photos of "the boys" first.  I don't know wh

    2013 Tour de Lovell Results

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    At the moment I'm not too sure but I think there was a record number of finishers in the 2013 Tour de Lovell. Wayne Rivet, publisher of the Bridgton News, took photos and I will post some here as soon as I get them. He also mentioned that some people had asked for photos so people can contact me and I would be happy to forward an individual photo if it is in the file. A great big thanks to all of the volunteers from the Lovell Rec Dept, the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library and the Lovell Volunteer Fire Dept! 2013 Tour de Lovell Results (Overall, Division, Female, Male) 2013 Tour de Lovell Kids' Results.


    1. Stanley Tupaj on

      It was a great effort by them and I hope they had a good time!
      • Lynne Pelletier on

        My family bought me a bicycle for Mother's Day and I have enjoyed riding ever since. The Tour De Lovell was a challenging course, and I am happy I finished. My daughter just learned to ride on two wheels during the spring and she raced with the other kids and is proud of herself for finishing. We both enjoyed the challenge that Lovell gave to both of us and look forward to faster times next year! We would love to see/buy any pictures from the race. Thank you!

        I Scream, You Scream...

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        IMG_2503IMG_2509IMG_2514 It's always great to see a new business open in Lovell but it's even better when it serves soft-serve ice cream! The Homestead Scoop Ice Cream shop, located on Route 5 across from the hardware store, has been taking shape over the past year. Beth and Steve Armington, along with an army of family, friends and contractors, built this good-looking shop with a wide porch that is the perfect spot to enjoy a cone or a Frappe.

        Beth does have other plans for the building during the non-ice cream eating season so be sure to keep an eye on the store. In the meantime, however, do stop by and treat yourself and the family to some great tasting ice cream! IMG_2511


        1. Gail Rowe on

          I don't think there is a non-ice-cream season, Stan! Gail Rowe
          • Stanley Tupaj on

            Isn't that the truth! Nothing beats a soft-serve twist.