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Blog :: 10-2016

Norris Bennett

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Once I moved to Lovell and started working in town, it really didn't take me very long to figure out that when you needed something done in a hurry, the first person to call was Norris Bennett. He was great at remembering various aspects of work done at different properties or exactly where the septic tank was located. Over the years, he was very helpful to us at Kezar Realty even though I am sure he viewed me as just another flatlander. Never mattered how big or small the job was, he always gave it his best shot.

Although I never, ever heard him talk about it, I am very aware of how much he did for people and how he never asked for a penny in return. If he knew someone was sick, he would plow their driveway. If some digging needed to be done for someone who was short of funds, he would help out. And I am sure that everyone who knew Norris, could tell similar stories. It is also true that Norris was a man of few words but every once in awhile, he would tell you a long story about someone from way back when or what a certain property used to be like. I also enjoyed how he never hesitated to tell me how crazy I was for listing a piece of land at a certain price.

Rest in peace, Norris. Lovell will miss you.


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Driving Around Lovell

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September was a busy month, October continues to be and it looks like the pace will spill over into November. No complaints here as that means showings, negotiations, inspections, appraisals, septic replacements, surveys, attorneys and much more. All of this means driving around town and on every ride you can't help but be in awe of what an outstanding foliage season it has been. Especially when all of the 'experts' kept saying that the colors would not be very strong this year due to the dry weather. However, it seems to me to be quite the opposite as I think this is the best overall color that I have ever seen. Here are some photos from today's drive around Lovell!







Lovell Village Monument

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Thanks to the Lovell Selectmen and the Lovell Historical Society for working hard on the updating of the Veteran's Memorial in Lovell Village. It was discovered, when the monument was installed in 2000, that a number of names were missing. Cathy Stone, President of the Historical Society, reached out to many in an attempt to make sure that everyone was rightfully included on this update. The criteria for a name to be on the memorial is simple and only one of the following needs to be met: to have been born in Lovell, to have lived in Lovell for more than one year or to be buried in Lovell.

It was great to speak with John and Don from Collette Monuments from Lewiston. They worked all day on this project and they take great pride in working on Veteran's Memorials throughout the state and region.

It is my understanding that two granite benches have been ordered and will be placed in the park where future names will be engraved.