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Blog :: 03-2013

Late Winter Lovell Scenes

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IMG_0328It takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of syrup!

It takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of syrup!

As the snow recedes and more and more of the fields reappear, you can feel the transition from winter to spring on a daily basis. Yes, we take some steps backwards as the temperatures drop and we may have a storm on Tuesday but the days are much longer and you know the daffodils will be popping up very soon. The cold nights and warm days are perfect for collecting sap and making maple syrup. Maine Maple Sunday is March 24th. Here's a link to a map of participating sugarhouses.


Mud Season!

Another sign of the coming Spring will be the posting of the secondary roads for the purpose of prohibiting heavy trucks from doing additional damage to the soft road. Enjoy St. Patrick's Day and remember that Opening Day for the Red Sox and Major League baseball is April 1st.

A snow octopus!

A snow octopus!



  1. Bob Patterson on

    What a treat to see Lovell as you fortunate year-rounders do, yet the last photo of the old store site is still shocking. Our daughter Beth was a cashier there in past summers, and we have fond memories of the Craigs and Knights.
    • Stanley Tupaj on

      Bob, I see the site everyday and it still has not registered completely. I always enjoyed the many people who would stop into the office and talk about their memories. The building was a special place for Lovell.
      • Beth Quinlan on

        I have some pictures from the late 1970s when it was Knights. It would be wonderful if the library, perhaps, would offer a way for folks to share memories and connect. It will be painful for many of us.
        • Stanley Tupaj on

          I will speak to Cathy Stone of the Lovell Historical Society and see what she thinks. Perhaps a small exhibit this summer!

          Lovell Town Meeting

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          Lovell's annual Town Meeting was held yesterday, March 2nd, 2013. Anticipating a close election for the Selectman seat held by John Ramsden, the large crowd gathered early to jockey for a seat for the 9am start. John Ramsden was being challenged by Rose McKenzie, owner of the Lovell Village Store (aka Rosie's). Although Rosie ran a strong campaign, focusing on her Lovell roots as well as her strong accounting and business experience, she came up short when the votes were counted. The incumbent John was elected to a new three-year term and we wish him well. The three selectmen do a tremendous job throughout the year by keeping their budget pencils sharp, spending our money wisely and keeping the tax rate as low as possible.

          Fire Chief Tommie McKenzie received an extended round of applause for the Department's successful effort in containing the recent Lovell Village fire and preventing it from spreading to other buildings. There was limited discussion on a few articles, questions from the audience as why certain dollars were or were not spent on some programs and the longest discussion was on Article 80 which would amend the Lovell Zoning Ordinance so that the existing 20' building setback on private roads would be increased to 50'. Exciting stuff, no? The change did pass narrowly.

          And as always seems to happen, the last vote was done by noon, just in time for lunch!

          This year's town report was dedicated to Janice Arsenault and Sherry Bois who have both served the town of Lovell for more than 20 years. Janice is the tax collector and Sherry is the Treasurer and Town Clerk. Together they make the Town Office a friendly place to go for information and they always have a smile and a kind word. Even to folks like me who are Baltimore Ravens' fans. No question that this recognition is long overdue!