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Blog :: 05-2013

Brick Church for the Performing Arts Opening Day and 2013 Season

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Lovell Brick Church Historical PhotoDSCF5728

After years of raising funds for the repair of the belfry and completing the task in 2012, the Brick Church for the Performing Arts in Lovell Village is ready for its eighth season of programming. To commemorate the belfry's restoration, there will be a very special performance on Sunday, June 2nd at 2 pm. Ring in the Belfry will be a concert of handbell music, choral singing and a hymn sing. Area churches (Fryeburg New Church, Lovell United Church of Christ the First Congregational Church of Fryeburg and the Ridley Park Presbyterian Church) are participating and will provide a festive mix of gospel, jazz, hymn singing as well as a few surprises. Proceeds from the show will support the participating churches. Come in and join the fun! Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children. Call 207-925-1500 for more information.

Be sure to check out the exciting 2013 schedule at the Brick Church's web site: Lovell Brick Church for the Performing Arts. In addition to many returning favorites, there are a number of new performers. Remember to visit and support this Lovell treasure!



  1. Jacky on

    Great old photo of the church. Al tells me that when he was very young the older kids used to ski down this hill. There was no fence there and the snow was so deep it covered the stone wall making a natural jump. The kids would soar over it and ski to the bottom at the side of the church. See you at the concert this afternoon!
    • Stanley Tupaj on

      Looking forward to it!

      Memorial Day Weekend--Let the Summer Begin

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      Seems to me that the daily pace has picked-up considerably. The color green is everywhere, camps on the lake are opening, fishing has been good, traffic around town is busier and everyone is looking forward to a busy season. And the Memorial Day weekend traditionally marks the return of Lovell's summer residents. IMG_0565 On Saturday, May 25th, the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library will be holding its annual Plant Sale. Not only is this an opportunity to purchase some beautiful outdoor plants, all proceeds go directly to the Library. I am real happy with the variety of plants that I purchased last year and look forward to adding more to our garden.

      Sunday morning, from 7-10 am, is the breakfast for the Stoneham Rescue Service at the Stoneham Rescue Facility on Butters Hill Road. Lots of people attend and you won't go away hungry. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast and homemade donuts. A great way to start the day and to support the volunteer service as well.

      Later on Sunday, Fryeburg Academy's Class of 2013 will be graduating. Always a proud day for students and families and there are always plenty of cook-outs and parties to attend. Congratulations to all!

      It would be great if everyone could attend the Memorial Day Celebration in Lovell at 11 am. It takes place at the Memorial Monument in the Village. The Fryeburg/Lovell VFW Post No. 6783 conducts the service. It is important to honor all the men and women who have lost their lives defending our great nation.

      I would also like to acknowledge the Lovell Conservation Committee for the hard work that went into pulling moss and scrubbing clean the stone markers that surround the Memorial. A job well done and a big thank you!

      Hewnoaks Artist Colony

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      2013 Hewnoaks

      Here is an attractive opportunity for all Maine artists! Historic Hewnoaks on the eastern shore of Kezar Lake is offering free residences to those who would like to work in a historic setting. Although there is not a designated studio, there is space in each cabin or even on the grounds.

      This Artist Colony is a volunteer effort and had a quiet start last year when a writer, a filmmaker and others participated. This year, the group is expanding the time period from June 29th to mid-September. There is an application process and the deadline is May 22nd. More details can be found at

      Since the late 1800's, the sleepy little town has always been a magnet for a variety of artists. Whether attracted by the lake, the mountains or the ability to regenerate their creativity with fresh air, Lovell remains a vibrant artistic center. One of the group's stated goals is for the artists to interact with the local community. Since my artistic ability is limited, I look forward to welcoming our guests and hopefully seeing their finished projects. After their initial visit to Lovell, I'm sure they will be eager to return!

      Lovell Village Update

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      Progress being made on the now vacant corner of Christian Hill Road and Main Street in Lovell Village. It was very interesting to watch Norris Bennett and his crew pull out the big granite blocks from the foundation and to fill in the old cellar hole with sand. Hard to believe that when the blocks were set, the laborers did not have the luxury of mechanical equipment! Soon the fence will be gone and the land will be marketed for sale. Stay tuned!


      1. Deanie on

        Hello, Stan. What are they going to do with all that beautiful old granite?
        • Stanley Tupaj on

          The five owners are going to get first crack at buying some pieces and then it will probably be open to others. Are you interested?