Blog :: 04-2014

Kezar Lake Ice-Out

According to John Bacchiocchi, Lovell's resident ice-out expert, Thursday April 24th is the Ice-Out Date for 2014.

When ice-out actually occurs is always debated but the State of Maine uses the following:  For the purposes of this web page, we will consider "ice-out" to be when you can navigate unimpeded from one end of the water body to the other. There may still be ice in coves or along the shoreline in some areas but when a person can traverse the entire water body without being stopped by ice floes, we will consider the ice to be out.

Click here to see Ice-Out dates for various lakes around the state. Kezar Lake should appear on it soon.

118th Boston Marathon

Having run eight marathons, the Boston Marathon was always a race to strive for. While the New York City, Marine Corps and others were larger, anyone who paid their entry fee was permitted to run. Boston, however, had very strict qualifying guidelines. Depending on one's age, you had to run a certified marathon course in the previous year in a certain time. Needless to say, I never qualified for Boston.

Until last year, the marathon was part of a unique New England tradition. Patriot's Day, morning baseball at Fenway and the runners through downtown Boston. This year the race will have the largest field ever and that is a great thing to see. As to be expected, there will be additional layers of security everywhere with a police presence from start to finish.

Before the game last night, the Red Sox held an emotional and moving ceremony honoring those who lost their lives, the many who were physically injured as well as those who responded to the emergency. Click here for the video.

May we never forget what happened last year, but I look forward to the day when the Boston Marathon returns to what it once was.

For more information on the 118th running, click here. To track a specific runner's time, click here.