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Although recent injuries have kept me off the road for the past few months, I have run many races including several (8) marathons. The next two weekends are big days on the marathon calendar. Tomorrow is the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC and next Sunday is the NYC Marathon. Both of these races are well-organized and you get a chance to run through neighborhoods that you might not get a chance to visit (In NYC's race, you may find yourself picking-up the pace as you go through some sections).

Two recent New York Times articles related to running have caught my eye. The first story details how buying a lower-priced shoe just might be the better option for your feet than the higher-priced model. My first reaction was no way, but the conclusion is that your feet require the best fit and that all the extra bells and whistles on the higher-priced models may not have any benefit. Think about that before you spend an extra $50-75 dollars on your next pair. In Running Shoes, Get the Best Fit First and Price Last

The second article, Distance Runners Prove Are a Paradox for Insurers, suggests that although running contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle, when you start training for the long distance races that you may actually require more medical attention. The more popular injuries are the various stress fractures and plantar fasciitis. Even though you may develop some injuries over a period of time, the overall benefits are greater than just sitting around on the comfy couch. Besides, I think if you train properly and don't overload the longer distances, than I think runners can keep those injuries to a minimum.

And on a personal note, my son, Cpl. Benjamin Tupaj, will be running the Fallen Heroes 10k as part of the Marine Corps Marathon in honor of Lance Cpl Jordan C. Haerter of Sag Harbor. Good luck to all and be proud of your accomplishment!

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  1. sweetmeow on

    Jordan C. Haerter lived in Sag Harbor, NY -- in the next town over from where I live, and his death brought such sadness to this area. But -- he was a courageous marine, and truly was a hero... I didn't realize there was a web site dedicated to him until you pointed it out here. I hope your son signs the guest book to make known how he honored him in the Fallen Heroes 10K.
    • Stanley Tupaj on

      My son was very close to Jordan and was very near the explosion that sad day. Ben has visited Sag Harbor and still keeps in touch with Jordan's Mom. Here is a link to a CBS story that you may not have seen.
      • sweetmeow on

        I knew of the circumstances of Haerter's death. It's one of those things that gets told so all will know in a community. However, I had not seen that writing -- and there were things I did not know. Thanks for pointing it out to me.