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For many years, the only cell phone I ever used was a "Pay As You Go" model. Nothing fancy, but it served its purpose since I didn't have a great need for one. Especially in this rural area where cell phone coverage is spotty at best. So, about 18 months ago, US CELLULAR was having a big promotion on getting a free phone and I got a Blackberry. It took me quite some time to familiarize myself with many of its features but once I did, WOW. You begin to wonder just how did you manage all those years without it?

It is convenient to get your e-mails when out of the office, to text a reminder to someone, to be able to take pretty good quality photos, updating KezarLife, and having my own talking Navigator. Don't tell anyone but once I was in a large meeting on a Sunday afternoon and I was able to follow the play-by-play of a Ravens game!

So, it always seems that there has to be a downside to everything good. And that's exactly what I learned this morning when I read this story (on my Blackberry of course) covering the dangers of storing too much personal information on your smartphone! Apparently, thieves love all of that info and it doesn't take much effort on their part to extract it. So, as we download more and more apps to make our lives easier, be aware that if you lose your phone, your data can be swiped if the phone gets in the wrong hands. And according to the article, there are ways to remotely erase the data so that a thief would be unable to use it. But be sure to back-up your phone's data on a regular basis so that if you do lose your phone, you still have your data.

Just remember that you are walking around with a powerful computer that also serves as a phone. "Your Most Dangerous Possession? Your Smartphone"

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