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Lovell Farmers Market

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This is the second week of the Lovell Farmers Market for 2011. And what seems to be this year's Spring weather theme, the opening weeks have been chilly and wet. That hasn't stopped the enthusiastic customers from stopping by and filling up on locally grown food products. As we roll into the growing season, more vendors will be popping up their tents and selling their goodies. For a sampling of the variety of farm-raised goodies that you will find each Wednesday throughout the summer, here are the three vendors who braved the damp day:

From Denmark, Rams Farm sells a variety of goat cheese and meats with samples available. They have been breeding champion Nubian dairy goats for more than 20 years. The cheddar and feta cheeses are delicious. Visit Helen's site at and their phone number is 207-452-2772.

Cynthia Flores from the Middle Intervale Farm in Bethel brings vegetables, pork, beef and flowers. She had a a basket full of fiddleheads. Although this spring delicacy is pretty strange looking, I have heard that it is delicious. Never having had the courage to try it, I would love to hear just how you would cook it. Heck, I love brocoli-rabe so fiddleheads might be good. To find out more, please visit and

Grandma Johnson from Brownfield brought her homemade jams and jellies. I purchased a jar of homemade mustard and used it on my sandwich for lunch--very good! Her store is called IN A JAM. Grandma can be reached at 207-935-3909.

Having fresh fruit, veggies, meat and flowers available every week is a wonderful addition for Lovell. Located at the Wicked Good Store, the market is open every Wednesday from 9-1. The word from the vendors is that they are doing very well here. Be sure to support them!

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  1. Jean Royle on

    Fantastic! We'll definitely be stopping by next week! Looking forward to seeing everyone.
    • Stanley Tupaj on

      Jean, when are you arriving in Lovell?
      • Jim Rowe on

        Farmers Market is a plus for Lovell, I think. Good of you to promote it.
        • Jim Rowe on

          Stan, there is no mystery to cooking fiddleheads. Most folks steam them, but this spring a friend served them to me fried up in a little butter, which was great. too. They are quite fragile, so you have to pay attention. Give them a try.
          • Stanley Tupaj on

            May need to have a full bottle of wine with me!