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Moving Houses

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As you may know from an earlier post, I love to watch the process of buildings being lifted off of the earth and moved. The fact that these wood-frame structures can be raised without crumbling is fascinating.

There are a number of buildings in town that have been moved from one location to another. A number of old schoolhouses, once they were no longer needed, were purchased, moved and used for another purpose. And it is my understanding that the deep waters of Kezar Lake were not an obstacle--just wait until winter and roll it across the ice! I think that the cost of new construction back then made moving more attractive economically. Depending on how far a house is to be transported, it might be cheaper to move an older home than to build a new one. Last year, a house in Fryeburg was lifted, split in half and moved about one mile north to a cleared lot, placed on a poured concrete foundation and put back together again. Much like a factory-built modular home.

Here's a little background, with pictures, of moving buildings in New England.

An older home on Christian Hill Road has been lifted and will soon be moving to a new location. Not sure where it is headed, but I hope to find out and take a few pictures at its new "home".

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