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Hurricane Irene, Part Two

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A beautiful summer day in Lovell. Nothing unusual about that at the end of August except for the hum of generators throughout town. Lovell Village is in good shape (if only I had a shower in the office) but numerous sections of town are without power. Wires and poles were taken down by falling trees. Thankfully, I haven't seen any damaged cars or houses.

I had the pleasure of driving to Portland at 2 am this morning and on the ride along RT 302 there were many miles where it was clear that there was no power. Even in Westbrook which abuts Portland. And the CMP crews were not seen (understandable since it was still windy, wet and dark). That suggests to me that Lovell and the surrounding areas might not get immediate attention.

Over the years, one learns quickly that although you may be frustrated with not having power, there is nothing you can do. Except maybe go visit a neighbor who has one of those generators humming!

P.S. One benefit of being on the road so early in the morning that we got back to Lovell at 5 am--just as Rosie's was opening and were her first patrons of the day!

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  1. sweetmeow on

    We've left Maine for 2011 - - about 6 days before Hurricane Irene's arrival. My sister in law was in camp when it hit - but ended up leaving as our (non drinking) water supply (pumped from the lake) and toilets require electricity, and it didn't appear that it would be restored anytime soon. (we have spring water for drinking) It reminded me of our time up there during Hurricane Bob in 1991. We had chemical toilets back then, so we weathered the storm -- and the power outage quite nicely. We live on eastern Long Island, and just had our power restored, so all is well for us here. Our time in camp was magical this year - especially because of my sister's wedding on the 20th. We had a few days of rain, but except for that - we had perfect weather. I've sort of let my blog go, but want to reinstate it - with some Kezar talk. I tried to stop in to see you - but at the time you weren't there, and didn't manage to get back.
    • Stanley Tupaj on

      I'm sorry that I missed you! Next year when you return. I'm glad that you had good weather for the wedding. One can deal with no power for a short period of time but it gets real old after two or three days. There are so many power lines down in the region that the amount of work required is massive, so I find it difficult to complain.