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Hurricane Irene, The Final Chapter

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A small section of Center Lovell, where the telephone pole was hovering over the street, was restored last night. That provided hope for today. Except there was still an absence of utility trucks around town during the early part of the day. Until around noon. I heard that Slab City Road was up and running. Then Eastman Hill. As I was leaving the office around 6:30, a Christian Hill resident with the biggest smile, told me that their power came back. Then, on the way home on West Lovell Road there where several utility trucks, from New Brunswick, Canada, and they were stringing wires. I thought maybe, just maybe, I would be able to watch the Red Sox-Yankee game.

Well, at 7:30 pm, while I was outside picking up loose branches, I looked inside the living room window and the floor lamp was on!

It is my understanding that the Rudy Vallee line will be restored tomorrow, no later than Friday. It looks like most of the town has had their power restored. I don't believe anyone was happy to be without electricity for such an extended period of time. However, most folks, residents and vacationers, took it in stride knowing that they couldn't do anything about it and were understanding as they realized just how extensive the damage was throughout the region.

To all of the Central Maine Power workers and their utility "cousins" from Canada--THANK YOU!

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