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Lovell, An International City

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Based on its location and size, it may be very difficult to think of Lovell as an international city, but since we have called Maine home, our West Lovell family compound has been visited by people from around the world. Even living in the Baltimore/Washington area for 20 years did not result in meeting so many interesting and wonderful people! Some of the connections have developed as a result of our children attending Fryeburg Academy, while others have come from various sources.

Our most recent guest, Demet, has been staying with us for the past month. She traveled to North Conway this summer to work at the Red Parka Pub and a hotel (that due to brutal working conditions will go unnamed) with the hope of improving her English and to see the United States. Demet is from Ismir, located on the Aegean Sea and Turkey's third most populous city. She is a recent graduate from "9 September" University where she studied Stage and Costume Design. As you can see in the photos, her talent is as winning as her personality. The mural she painted on one wall is spectacular.

Rondi and Demet are currently in Washington, DC and have had stops in NYC, NJ and Annapolis. Demet flies out of Reagan National Airport early tomorrow morning to start a whirlwind tour of the United States. She will be visiting Florida, Los Angeles and Gilroy, California on the first leg of her trip and staying with our families and friends. From Gilroy, Demet will travel to the one American city that she has always wanted to visit for many years--Las Vegas! She has been warned not to bring too many dollar bills to the casino floor. From there she returns to NYC for her flight back to Turkey.

We look forward to the future day when Demet can once again kayak on Kezar!

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  1. Anna on

    What an incredible young lady! America is lucky to have her.
    • Tara Clifford on

      You write as well as you run, Stan! This is a wonderful blog and way to keep updated on you and your great family. I enjoyed seeing Anna during my Info Vol stint in August at Pinkham and meeting Demet and seeing ever cheerful Rondi here in Bay Country last week was the best. Come visit yourself! Best, Tara
      • Stanley Tupaj on

        Tara, thanks for the kind words. Demet is having a great time in Florida and is on her way to sunny California. I was in Baltimore in May but never made in to Annapolis. We need to meet on your next AMC visit!