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Double Rainbow

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I don't need to understand all of the science behind a rainbow's construction, I just like appreciating nature's magic. I don't think I have ever seen a double rainbow before! This appeared as I was getting ready to leave the office at 4:50 pm this afternoon after a brief rain storm.

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  1. Stanley Tupaj on

    I was lucky because as I was loading my car to go home, I looked up and there was the rainbow. My camera was right in front of me. It was still raining so I did get a little wet. However, there have been plenty of times when I would see something, go get my camera and by the time I got back, there wasn't anything there!
    • Jim Rowe on

      Glad you had your camera. Amazing!
      • Stanley Tupaj on

        Always try to be ready for anything!
        • sweetmeow on

          These are great pictures. I feel the same about rainbows - especially in my favorite place! Two years ago there was a double rainbow over the north end of the lake where our cabins are - and I got a picture - but by the time I got my camera, it was not as brilliant.