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Winter Wood Cutting

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Who would have ever thought that on New Year's Day 2012, that Albert and I would still have the opportunity to bring the tractor and truck into the woods, cut six trees down and drag them up to the wood pile? This time of year is usually limited to splitting the collected wood and getting it ready for drying. The fact that we are able to add to the pile is a bonus.

I don't claim to be proficient with the chain saw and leave most of that skill to Albert. I'm very happy to be the laborer--lifting the cut pieces into the pick-up truck or wrapping the chains around the big sticks and dragging them to a cleared area branch trimming.

I have nothing but respect for the workers who are out in the woods everyday. Yes, they have great mechanical equipment to assist them but logging is still hard and dangerous work. I never tire of hearing stories about Albert's father, Marcus, and Uncle Burton spending their winter days cutting four cords of wood every day by hand and hauling them out with horses! During our wood-cutting season, I'm feeling major aches and pains from just two hours a day and a couple of days each week!

Thanks to the Lovell Historical Society for the picture of Carlton Merrill and Fred Stearns.