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Thanksgiving 2012

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on things to be grateful for. In no particular order, here are a few of mine: Thanks to Ben and Cassandra for our first grandchild, Jackson...for Ben moving to Virginia Beach for the next two years rather than back to Afghanistan... for being able to see our daughter Anna experience living in two of the world's vibrant cities, New York and Beijing and to hear her speak Mandarin ...for having the good fortune to live in Lovell with my wife, Rondi... for the long morning and evening walks with the dogs...for the opportunity to work with many fine organizations on numerous events where not only do we raise funds but we have a grand time doing so...for living in a section of the country where, except for an occasional blizzard, we don't have to worry about destructive hurricanes or tornadoes...for the Baltimore Orioles finally putting 13 ugly losing seasons behind them...for talking to my Mom every night...for living next to the 100-acre woods and learning the tree-cutting process--from taking it down, dragging it out, splitting and stacking the logs--from Albert on the land he grew up on...for being able to enjoy my mother-in-law Jacky's never-ending smiles...for having family access to Kezar Lake and living in a place where people from around the world like to visit every summer...for our continued friendships with so many people from our 20 years in the Baltimore/Annapolis/DC region ...grateful that the Ravens go to the playoffs on a regular basis...for having the luxury of a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.

And last, but not least, I am very thankful for Kezar Realty, the three wonderful agents in the office and the many customers who have become friends. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog!

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  1. Jan on

    Nicely done and happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Lovell!--Janice and Howard
    • Stanley Tupaj on

      Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving in northern California!
      • Bob Patterson on

        Thanks, Stan, for the spirited blogs that keep us many folk 'from away' in touch with the town and people we enjoy each spring, summer and fall.
        • Jim Rowe on

          We all have much to be thankful for! I'm thankful for our friendship and hope you and your family have a good winter. Keep those blog notes and photos coming!
          • Stanley Tupaj on

            Thanks Jim! Enjoy the holiday. I'm sure you won't have access to roasted turkey.
            • Essence on

              At last, somonee comes up with the "right" answer!