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Good-Bye to the Narrows Bridge

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Narrows Bridge, Lovell

Residents of Kezar Lake's Lower Bay, for many years frustrated by their frequent inability to navigate under the Narrows Bridge due to high water levels, finally have had their prayers answered. Lovell's three Selectmen, after a lengthy emergency funding meeting, have authorized the construction of a larger and higher span over the Narrows.

Inspired by the new bridge on Route 302 in Naples, the town fathers have selected a design that will permit large boats to travel unimpeded between the Lower Bay and the larger northern portion of Kezar. Questioned as to the negative visible impact on the lake, the Selectmen stated that the economic benefit to the town outweighed any other concerns.

Noting the closed Wicked Good, the Lovell Hardware Store, the Dutton office buildings and the Center Lovell Market, the Selectmen cited a sense of urgency to do something that would help get the empty stores occupied. Rose McKenzie, proprietor of Rosie's Lovell Village Store (home of the best breakfast in western Maine), states that over the years she has overheard numerous complaints of the bridge's inadequacies. It is expected that the increased boat traffic will be very helpful to the town.

Larry Fox and his experienced road crew anticipate the project underway shortly and to have it completed in time for the 2014 boating season.

(Happy April Fool's Day! :))

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  1. The Hamr! on

    I can buy a pontoon boat now! Grill steaks and bass fish in sucker brook at the same time!
    • Kenneth Goldman on

      GOOD NEWS! won't have to make it by inches any more!
      • Bob Patterson on

        Please resend this message, full of hope about the bridge, again April 2 if it's for real.
        • Lynda on

          You got me!!!
          • Stanley Tupaj on

            • Richard Van Steenburgh on

              This news signals a great first step toward a more comprehensive master plan for rejuvenation of commerce within the town. With the various closures mentioned above coupled with the recent loss to fire of the historic commercial block, the town runs the risk of simply becoming a stretch of Route 5 located between somewhere and some place else.
              • Ann Williams on

                Good one, Stan!!! I read it thru to the end, wishing it were true, but with is bit of doubt... (I'm just a 'little' slow). :)