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Lovell Commercial Opportunity



Although not yet formally listed for sale (it will be soon with another Agency but Kezar Realty does have access for interested parties), the old Lovell Hardware property is now being shown to potential buyers. The main building, in surprisingly good condition, offers numerous opportunities.

It is true that since the store's closing, contractors and homeowners have found it frustrating to buy needed supplies in Bridgton, Fryeburg or North Conway. In the absence of a Lovell store, contractors have developed new buying habits and might be reluctant to change their patterns. Plus, I would bet that the established stores are in a stronger position to compete on price. For this reason, the return of a full-service hardware store and lumber yard might not be profitable.

One local investor sees a strong opportunity to create something new and different, a multi-use commercial and residential building. He has taken significant steps to make it happen, including preliminary commitments to create several one and two-bedroom apartments on the upper floor. Believing that a need for a small hardware store, similar to Trumball's, still exists in Lovell, space for a retail store will be reserved. Another portion of the building is slated for a Subway-type food store. Sufficient space remains for other uses.

It is possible that the rear sheds behind the main building can be transformed into storage facilities. The developer is now soliciting suggestions from area residents. What would you like to see there? A fitness center? A laundromat? A Landscaping and Garden Center? A Putt-Putt course and batting cages? Send your thoughts to me at and I will pass them along.



Happy April Fool's Day!



  1. Beth Quinlan on

    Tattoo parlor, please!
    • Bob Patterson on

      Still waiting for the new bridge at the Narrows—last years’ April Fool promise :>(
      • Stanley Tupaj on

        I believe that the engineers' plans are in the final stages of approval!
        • Stanley Tupaj on

          I have seen enough tattoos in Lovell!

          Charles Lusky, Forest Land Enhancements

          IMG_1242IMG_1241IMG_1248IMG_1251IMG_1252IMG_1272IMG_1273IMG_1276There is a long tradition in Maine that private land be open for numerous public uses, such as hiking, hunting and snowmobiling, without prior permission. With all of the open space around us, it is hard to believe that about 94% of the land in Maine is privately owned.

          In 1972, Maine passed the Tree Growth Tax Law that is designed to help landowners not only retain their land but to also make it productive woodlands. A minimum of ten acres, as well as a forest plan, are needed to participate in the program. Not only does the landowner benefit by paying lower annual taxes on the land but so does the general public since many properties might otherwise be lost to development or other uses.

          In this western Maine region there are a number of loggers. However, when talking to people, there is always one name that is mentioned consistently--Charles Lusky. Charles' company is named Forest Land Enhancements and is in Fryeburg. He knows the woods inside and out and takes pride in working with landowners to keep their property productive not just for the next ten years but for future generations.

          In any business, testimonials from previous clients are always important. When asking about Charles, attributes that you hear multiple times are: hard-working, honest and trust-worthy, all of which are very important when hiring someone to work with a family asset.

          A member of the Lovell Volunteer Fire Dept, Charles is a visible participant of the local community. If you are thinking of having some tree work done, don't hesitate to contact Charles at 207-925-3199207-925-3199.

          P.S. If you are interested in the history of logging and how it was done prior to heavy machinery, here is a great video to watch: From Stump to Ship: A 1930 Logging Film.




          1. Susan Hamlin on

            Nice job Stan! Sent from my iPad >
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              It is Official

              Although not at all scientific, my numerous straw polls around town suggest that everyone wants the snow to melt away as quickly as possible. I have yet to meet a person who is looking for more snow.

              After all, in only 17 days, the Baltimore Orioles open at Camden Yards against the local New England team. The snow can't be here at the start of baseball season, can it?

              Even though two days ago we got about eight inches of some of the heaviest and wettest snow ever and were without power for quite some time, seeing vistas like the one below almost make it worthwhile.


              Mount Washington from Christian Hill Road.

              2014 Lovell Town Meeting

              Voting via written ballot.

              Voting via written ballot.

              The Official Ballot Box.

              The Official Ballot Box.

              Early on it was clear that there were no controversial issues on the docket for annual Town Meeting. The availability of parking spaces outside the Town Hall as well as the empty folding chairs inside the building were proof that many residents felt it not important to attend. A total of sixty-two people attended the meeting and voted on ninety separate articles.

              Jonathan Bliss was nominated and elected to serve as the moderator for the meeting. In addition to commending the Lovell Public Works Department for their excellent work in maintaining the town's roads during this lengthy winter, the Selectmen provided an update on the contentious Fryeburg school construction issue. As the final funding formula and overall building designs are developed, it is important to stay informed, to attend School Board meetings and to vote. (MSAD 72's website for more information).

              Here is a summary of the meeting:

              • The Annual Report was dedicated to the men and women, both past and present, of the Armed Forces .
              • Patrick Williams, Meg Dyer and Karen Bacchiocchi were elected to the Planning Board.
              • Rose McKenzie, Jonathan Bliss and Joe Moody were elected to the Budget Committee.
              • Robert Stellar and Jane Williams were elected to the MSAD 72 Board of Directors.
              • $10,521 was appropriated for the Stoneham Rescue Service.
              • The Lovell Zoning Ordinance was amended so that agriculture would be an allowed use in all districts without the need for a permit from the Code Enforcement Officer.
              • All of the local organizations, such as the Lovell Historical Society, Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library and the Lewis Dana Hill Memorial Library received their requested dollar amounts.
              • Most requests from a variety of non-profit groups providing services to Lovell residents, such as Community Concepts, Seniors Plus and the American Red Cross were approved.

              The meeting concluded in a timely 2 hours and 35 minutes. Plenty of time remained to enjoy the pleasant winter day!

              Here is a copy of the full Annual Report.

              One of two wood-burning stoves used to keep everyone warm.

              One of two wood-burning stoves used to keep everyone warm.



              1. Jim Rowe on

                Thank you for update since I was not able to attend.
                • Stanley Tupaj on

                  Jim, A quiet year!