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The Alteration of a Kezar Lake Property

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Camp J2 in 2009

Camp J2 in 2009

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Camp J2 2014 Prepared for Demolition

Camp J2 2014 Prepared for Demolition


The location of a new building foundation

The location of a new building foundation

Over the next few months, KezarLife  is looking forward to following a property's transformation where an older Maine lakeside cottage will disappear and a new year-round residence will be constructed. Kezar Realty is interested in following the change in this specific lot, as it was the Agency's very first settlement in November 2009.

I am reminded of a line in Robert C. William's book, Lovewell's Town, where he says that "...history is the story of change over time, as well as continuity." Over time, more people have come to see Kezar Lake, and Lovell, as a place for a year-round residence rather than just a spot for summer recreation. I believe that the lake, the town and the region are all beneficiaries of this change.

When the property was purchased, the new owners did so with an eye to an uncertain date in the future when they would leave their overseas home and transfer back to Maine. During that the time, the camp was used by family, friends and renters but plans for a new home were always being worked on.

Prior to returning to the United States, the time-consuming task of surveys, construction estimates, planning board presentations, reviews, site visits and finally, approval, all had to take place. Once completed, it was on to the sharpening of the pencils with the builder and the mountains of paperwork requested by the lender.

Over the next few months, I think it will be fun to follow the building of a new Kezar Lake home.

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