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Lovell Village Snow Scenes

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Over the past two days we had about six-seven more inches of light, fluffy snow added to the existing base. This is great news for nordic and alpine skiers, snowmobilers and winter enthusiasts! Although this looks like a lot of snow, southern Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts have more than we do. I think I heard the city of Boston 'cry uncle' because they have nowhere to put it and the streets are now very narrow. Subway service has been suspended temporarily and officials are asking people to stay home while crews work to get the roads clean.

When you look out the window it is hard to imagine that one day the snow will be gone but remember, the first day of Spring isn't that far away--Friday, March 20th!

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  1. C. E. Robinson on

    Sorry, typo! Fun for us kids!
    • C. E. Robinson on

      Reminds me of Lovell, and especially Church Street way back when I was a kid. Snow, snow and more snow. One winter the snow drifted to the tops of telephone poles and we made tunnels from the front door to the road! No school of 3 weeks. Fun for us kinds, but not for the adults! Christine (Heim) Robinson