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Lovell Hardware Store Is Open!

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The Lovell Hardware Store is now officially open! I stopped in this morning to get a brush for some staining that needs to be done and was surprised at how active the store was at that early hour.  You will find that the store is bright, the floors are new and the shelves are still being stocked. If you can't find what you need, talk to Hank, the store manager, and he will make every effort to have it stocked.

OPENING SPECIAL! This weekend, Beth Armington welcomes the new store to the neighborhood. So, be sure to save your receipt as the Homestead Scoop will give you a 10% discount on any food purchase.



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  1. Carina on

    I have never heard of your lovely town until I found out about the Center Lovell Inn contest. I live in the Orlando, Fl area and I am sure you can imagine how very different Lovell is from my town (not to mention it is 90s degrees here today). Each of your posts make me smile and I hope to win the contest but if I don't, I will need to visit. Until then, I will live vicariously thru your writing. Your community looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!
    • Bill Weber on

      Congrats this is a huge positive for Lovel and we expect to support it as we can Bill and Kate weber. BW
      • kezarlife on

        Good Luck!
        • dan on

          Wow My folks used to own Kezar Lake Camping Area, good to see business coming back, now all you need to do is get rid of Stephen King ..LOL
          • Frederic Sater on

            best wishes with your new venture. I cannot wait to do some shopping! No more long distance driving for what you need.
            • Paula Hughes on

              We went to the hardware store today too. We actually bought something. GREAT to have it back.